Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Day Galore

A few Valentine's projects to share here.

Number 1 -

Kaitlynn has to bring a decorated box to school tomorrow. It will store her Valentine's cards and goodies on Thursday during their classroom celebration. I've had this shoebox for YEARS. Seriously, I've been saving it. I didn't know what for - but it ended up coming in handy. I wrapped it in festive fabric and Kaitlynn glued on gemstones, sticky sayings and foam hearts. I fancy this box :)

Number 2 -

I found this idea out in cyber space. This is a soup can. I peeled off the paper label, washed it out and used a tutorial from another blog to create the soup can cover. I really hope my children's teachers don't read my blog posts. I have no idea why they would but you never know I guess!

Number 3 -

A repeat of the soup can project. This one is for Andrew's 1st grade teacher. Looking at it now, I shouldn't have taken such a close up picture. I really did a number with that zig zig stitch. I'm not sure what I'm going to fill them with, but I heart these soup cans!

Diaper Clutch

I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen the idea of a diaper clutch, but I do remember thinking how genious it would be for me. Now that Mitchell is coming up on 18 months old, the only "baby" stuff that we regularly bring out with us are diapers and wipes.... And a ziploc freezer bag is usually my tote of choice. Otherwise they just end up at the bottom of purse encased in cracker crumbs and gum wrappers. Today I finally found a tutorial I liked and got around to sewing up a diaper/wipes clutch for Mitchell.... Okay, it's really for ME!