Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Found Hobby.

This blog was intended to be all about my sew projects. But I'm going to be a brat here and say "It's my blog and I can do what I want" ;) One of the mom's in my parenting meetup group here graciously hosted a Bow-Making class at her home last night - with teachers and all! It was a lot of fun but looks like it could get to be a pricey hobby. Since I always have so much ribbon left from various sewing endeavours I've been able to make 4 bows without purchasing much. Here's what I came up with tonight. I love this set.. sadly I can only think of one top that Kaitlynn has to match..... there's another way this could get expensive!!

Extra Pieces?

I recently joined a group called "Beginning Sewers". But if these people are beginning, then I am regrettably unskilled when it comes to sewing. The group owner gives a project each month for us to complete and then show off to the other group members. It's July 29th - okay, so I waited until the last minute this month. Let me assure you that I won't be showing anybody my July project - except for my blog stalkers here. It's bad - in fact, I have an ENTIRE interfaced piece of fabric leftover that never got used. Ummmm..... Yah...... I'm not so good at patterns.

It's a fabric checkbook cover - "pay no attention to that man behind that curtain" (name that movie?), or the untrimmed thread, or the uneven shape, or the non matching corners, or the fact that it's too big for my checkbook.. the list could go on, but I will spare you any additional details.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Never-Ending Project.... until now.

I believe I began this project back around June 30th. Normally when I sit down to make something, I have this need to see the end result within at least a few hours. I had that same need with these pajamas, but unfortunately I didn't have know-how. Christy (once again!) came to my rescue yesterday, spending FIVE HOURS at my house to help me finish these pajamas. In her defense it wasn't all sewing - of course there was lunch, chatting, reprimanding children, feeding the baby etc etc. In the end though, Andrew has a new pair of PJ's - and he better LOVE THEM DANG IT!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy Night.

This morning I went on a dish towel hunt. Not just for tote bags this time, but for aprons and also potholders. Aside from completing Kaitlynn's dress (once more) and a bag for my mother in law's birthday, I also made two more bags for Idon'tknowwho yet. Managed to knock out my first apron too! Good practice for the holiday gifts I plan on giving this Christmas.

I made tons of mistakes - some were just blatantly obvious and others will be my little secret :) I somehow got a ribbon-trimmed pocket on there. This dish towel cost me ONE dollar and the strings were made from leftover scraps I used on a previous (what else?) tote bag!

For the Second Time..

I finished Kaitlynn's dress for the second time today. The first time, it was a bit too short. So this evening I added a band around the bottom to give it a little extra length. I used black bias tape - not sure if that's what you're "supposed" to use, but it works for the time being. Excuse the really cheesy pictures!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Elvis Has Left The Building.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Future Projects -

1. Fabric Checkbook Cover (w/matching tote, of course)

2. A Denver Broncos quilt for my friend's son. (need help from you experts out there!)

3. Andrew's pajamas - so far the shell of the shirt is done, and the shorts look like shorts. I need to finish the buttons and holes, neck piece, sleeves and casing/elastic. Might have to hit up my mentor on that one - I'm just not good at thinking OUTSIDE of the box.

No picture for that one - it's stuffed away in the back of my hall closet for now.

4. Reuseable grocery bags. Probably won't really use them for grocery shopping, but they'd be cute overnight bags for my kids.

5. Criss Cross coasters for my sisters kitchen - beach themed.

6. Whatever project will go well with my red and blue Hibiscus Walmart-clearanced fabric.

Also temporarily residing in the back of the closet.

I'm aiming for at least one project a week, so my thoughts are that I'll complete it before Andrew goes back to school - realistically though, who am I fooling?!

You've got to be sick of it..

I know it's got to be old just looking at a bunch of tote bags on here.. so I just have to show you two more and then I'm done.. unless I make some other amazing bag that I have to share with you all.
I wish this picture wasn't so dang dark :( It just does not do the bag justice!! I'll have to see if I have a better one. I ended up buying a beach-themed pack of buttons, and added a buttonhole and seagull button to this one! We all agreed that this was the cutest bag EVER! I want one for myself now ;)

The blue bag was for my mom. She loved it, thankfully. I found the teddy bear iron on at Michael's (she loves teddy bears) and the bear is even wearing red which was my Grandma's favorite color, so it just worked out perfectly.
Tomorrow is my one day to finish the Elvis themed blanket and coordinating pillow for my aunt's Presley-obsessed mother's birthday. It's going to be done by Thursday night, seeing as we leave out of town (AGAIN) on Friday morning, where we'll be delivering the gift. Pictures to come soon.