Tuesday, August 19, 2008


An approximate recap of a recent coversation regarding my first quilt.

A couple of weeks ago....

Billie Lynn: Hey, I got this super duper cute quilt kit at Joann's. It's got everything you need in it to make a quilt.

Me: Oh how cool! I think I'll pick one up for a birthday present for Mitchell.
(I then proceeded to Joann's a week later to buy a pirate themed quilt kit on clearance for $14.97)

This morning....

Me: Hey Billie Lynn, check out my super duper cute quilt kit I got at Joann's!

Billie Lynn: Yes, that is super duper cute. I can't wait to make mine, but I still have to cut everything.

Me: HUH???

Billie Lynn: I haven't started cutting anything yet.

Me: HUH???

Billie Lynn: (Looking at me....)

Me: I have to cut stuff?? I thought this was a quilt kit, all ready to go.

Billie Lynn: Oh no girlfriend, that's just the fabric you still have to cut all your squares out.

Me: (in Homer Simpson voice) DOH!!

Billie Lynn: By the way, you picked a really difficult quilt kit. You have a lot more cutting than I do.

Me: Stupid me, I should have paid more attention to the picture on the front so I would have known what was in store for me!

All in all, it wasn't a death sentence. (although it felt close to it). While running my mouth during our sewing date, I wasn't paying enough attention to my cutting, and left one square an inch short. I pieced together a 5-square strip... then double checked and realized I really only made it a 4-square strip. My batting was sized ridiculously wrong after I cut it to what I thought was the right shape and size. Oh well! In the end, I like the quilt. It took me four and a half hours (off and on) and it was worth it. It was a great learning experience..... I learned not to talk too much... and that you still have to cut quilt kits - blech.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Got The Bug.

Can you tell the sewing bug as bit me again? Three new "creations" to post tonight:

First I've made my sister a new tote bag with the cutest dish towels - EVER! The last one I made her didn't come out too well, so I'm replacing it for her this weekend when she gets to my house.

Second, I scored some sweet deals at Joann's on Sunday so I've got lots of fabric & embellishments to keep me occupied (now that the kids are back in school). I purchased materials for some kid's aprons I'm making as Christmas gifts, and here's the first one.. finished in August.. now I have to stare at it for 5 months. (oooh, BTW - I'm still adding some cute stuff to it, but the basic form is done)

Lastly, I just had an urge to make a Taggy blanket today, so I decided to make one for my friend's Baby Miranda. This one was made all of scraps (that's why nothing is color coordinated) and it's filled with grocery bags to make it crinkly.

I'm sewing with a friend tomorrow and I hope to start and finish another project - stay tuned!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sneak Peek

After watching Billie Lynn make her pillowcase dress yesterday, and giving me some instruction on it, I got brave enough to try it myself this morning. It's definitely a rough draft. I didn't have any super beautiful embellishments to go on it... and honestly I didn't have the greatest ribbon either. But all in all, I'm satisfied with how it looks so far. I'll have to make a quick stop at Michael's tomorrow for sparkling diva buttons to exchange out the pink hearts. I sure wish I would have tried these way back in May so we would have gotten a bit more use out of them. But with any luck, she can wear this until maybe October or so.... after that, maybe I can shorten it into a shirt and stick it with pants. - Any suggestions on that???

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ya'll like my new stuff??

I finally jumped back into sewing this afternoon, with a little help from my friend, Miss Billie Lynn. This month's CafeMom sewing group project was an apron with a pocket. And unlike the checkbook cover fiasco, this actually went well & I was able to proudly post a picture of my successful project!

I know it's hard to tell, but the front pocket is Baby Pink with coordinating white polka dots. I'd like to embellish this apron a bit more, but that's on the back burner for now... which means I'll be getting back to it when my youngest is about 23 or so.

Next case on the docket, an idea I found in Family Fun Magazine. A contributor in this month's issue showed how she took all of her sons' sports t-shirts and made a quilt out of them. That way she didn't have to just discard them, but she was also doing something useful with them. We only have one shirt like that for Andrew - or at least we did! It's now a pillow cover. Billie Lynn and I cut the HECK out of this t-shirt before we finally got it to work. Luckily she was there the keep me in line, otherwise you'd be reading a rant about my failure right now. Instead... here's the finished project!

Lastly, I have to show off the pillowcase dress she created today! Her first time, free hand, no pattern or tutorial in front of her. It came out beautifully! Here's a picture of her little Madison modeling it in all it's glory -

Andrew starts school on Monday and I'm just as excited as he is - if not more so! Kaitlynn will be in preschool for half days on Tuesday and Thursday, so I hope to be updating my blog more often with some new creations!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Hair Decorations

Can you tell I haven't been sewing lately? But this is THE week.... I think. If not this coming week, then the following week when both of the older kids go back to school. We were buying Icee's this afternoon while taking advantage of Target's free air conditioning, so naturally I had to peruse the dollar area. They had Grosgrain ribbon for 1.00/5 spools. They also had sets of three spools of satin ribbon on clearance for 50 cents.... Add in some hot glue, 15 minutes and an alligator clip, and the end result is this -