Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding Reasons to Buy.

Each time I go to Walmart, I have to stop in their fabric department... and even if I didn't have anything in particular that I wanted to make, I will find a reason to use a cute piece of material. I spotted an adorable butterfly print that my 3 year old daughter loved and so I decided on a pillowcase since hers hasn't been in the best shape as of late. While perusing the fabrics today, I also found a sports fabric that had my 5 year olds baseball number on it, so I thought what the hey? He could use a new pillowcase also. I knocked both of them out in about an hour, and I'm bragging about that as if I even know how long it should take someone to make 2 pillowcases. I was very happy with the butterfly project, I haven't inspected it yet to see how many mistakes I made, but since the thread blends with the fabric, it isn't visible to the naked eye anyway. While sewing the sides of my son's pillowcase, I was using red thread for the top and white thread for the bottom. (purely because I didn't have an empty bobbin available to wind some red thread for the bottom) When I made the hem for the opening of the pillowcase, I didn't realize I should have switched the red thread to the bottom. SOOO.. to make a long story short, the white thread is what is showing on the outside of the pillowcase and you can see every darn mistake I made. If there's ever a day in my life that I don't have to spend chasing my kids, cleaning the floors or playing taxi-cab driver, I might just tear that hem apart and do it the right way - today was not that day.


Mom said...

I Love it honey, I am inspired to start up again. When we get to Texas in our own home, I absolutely will. I do like it, it is relaxing, after I reteach myself.

Cheeziemommie said...

Believe it or not I was actually going to attempt pillowcases next! I thought they'd be easy! Did you wing it yourself or did you have instructions?

Cheeziemommie said...

Ok I'm probably bugging you but I was also going to suggest using this thread that my mom uses. It's practically clear and looks alot like fishing line. Anyway, makes it hard to notice mistakes! Which I love LOL