Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Extra Pieces?

I recently joined a group called "Beginning Sewers". But if these people are beginning, then I am regrettably unskilled when it comes to sewing. The group owner gives a project each month for us to complete and then show off to the other group members. It's July 29th - okay, so I waited until the last minute this month. Let me assure you that I won't be showing anybody my July project - except for my blog stalkers here. It's bad - in fact, I have an ENTIRE interfaced piece of fabric leftover that never got used. Ummmm..... Yah...... I'm not so good at patterns.

It's a fabric checkbook cover - "pay no attention to that man behind that curtain" (name that movie?), or the untrimmed thread, or the uneven shape, or the non matching corners, or the fact that it's too big for my checkbook.. the list could go on, but I will spare you any additional details.....


Wendy said...

I like it - hey, it holds your checkbook doesn't it?!
sometimes you have to keep in mind that your not making a piano....!

Christy said...

Wizard of Oz!

Don't be so hard on yourself!! You know I've been sewing since I was 12 and I still can't sew straight. :)

Is the pattern online? I'm embarassed to say that my checkbook is in it's very old, worn, cracked, plastic cover that the bank sends. Maybe I can make a cute fabric cover instead.

Billie Lynn said...

How stinkin cute is that??? I love're really onto something with all your creations.....etsy here you come!