Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Future Projects -

1. Fabric Checkbook Cover (w/matching tote, of course)

2. A Denver Broncos quilt for my friend's son. (need help from you experts out there!)

3. Andrew's pajamas - so far the shell of the shirt is done, and the shorts look like shorts. I need to finish the buttons and holes, neck piece, sleeves and casing/elastic. Might have to hit up my mentor on that one - I'm just not good at thinking OUTSIDE of the box.

No picture for that one - it's stuffed away in the back of my hall closet for now.

4. Reuseable grocery bags. Probably won't really use them for grocery shopping, but they'd be cute overnight bags for my kids.

5. Criss Cross coasters for my sisters kitchen - beach themed.

6. Whatever project will go well with my red and blue Hibiscus Walmart-clearanced fabric.

Also temporarily residing in the back of the closet.

I'm aiming for at least one project a week, so my thoughts are that I'll complete it before Andrew goes back to school - realistically though, who am I fooling?!


Christy said...

Joann's has a couple cotton Bronco's fabrics. You might want to try a simple pattern for your first quilt. Maybe this:

I love the Criss-Cross Coasters. They're fun and pretty easy to make.

Let me know if you want help with the quilt or PJs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, It's your cousin Kimberly in Arizona.(I don't blog, no time, so no formal identity). I wish we lived closer to eachother. I love to sew and all your projects look so cute. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your totes!!! So cute and creative! I love to read everything you write! Your hilarious and I think you should write a book:-) I would buy it for sure!! Lots of love, me!