Monday, August 18, 2008

Got The Bug.

Can you tell the sewing bug as bit me again? Three new "creations" to post tonight:

First I've made my sister a new tote bag with the cutest dish towels - EVER! The last one I made her didn't come out too well, so I'm replacing it for her this weekend when she gets to my house.

Second, I scored some sweet deals at Joann's on Sunday so I've got lots of fabric & embellishments to keep me occupied (now that the kids are back in school). I purchased materials for some kid's aprons I'm making as Christmas gifts, and here's the first one.. finished in August.. now I have to stare at it for 5 months. (oooh, BTW - I'm still adding some cute stuff to it, but the basic form is done)

Lastly, I just had an urge to make a Taggy blanket today, so I decided to make one for my friend's Baby Miranda. This one was made all of scraps (that's why nothing is color coordinated) and it's filled with grocery bags to make it crinkly.

I'm sewing with a friend tomorrow and I hope to start and finish another project - stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Wow wee! Where did you get the awesome dish towel? Looks super!!! And your apron is sew nice! And the new taggie shows a lot of improvement from the first. I think your bug is leading to some great creations!

Anonymous said...

Oh..I don't know how to comment w/out being "anonymous" so it's me Jana... Doh! LOL