Friday, August 15, 2008

Ya'll like my new stuff??

I finally jumped back into sewing this afternoon, with a little help from my friend, Miss Billie Lynn. This month's CafeMom sewing group project was an apron with a pocket. And unlike the checkbook cover fiasco, this actually went well & I was able to proudly post a picture of my successful project!

I know it's hard to tell, but the front pocket is Baby Pink with coordinating white polka dots. I'd like to embellish this apron a bit more, but that's on the back burner for now... which means I'll be getting back to it when my youngest is about 23 or so.

Next case on the docket, an idea I found in Family Fun Magazine. A contributor in this month's issue showed how she took all of her sons' sports t-shirts and made a quilt out of them. That way she didn't have to just discard them, but she was also doing something useful with them. We only have one shirt like that for Andrew - or at least we did! It's now a pillow cover. Billie Lynn and I cut the HECK out of this t-shirt before we finally got it to work. Luckily she was there the keep me in line, otherwise you'd be reading a rant about my failure right now. Instead... here's the finished project!

Lastly, I have to show off the pillowcase dress she created today! Her first time, free hand, no pattern or tutorial in front of her. It came out beautifully! Here's a picture of her little Madison modeling it in all it's glory -

Andrew starts school on Monday and I'm just as excited as he is - if not more so! Kaitlynn will be in preschool for half days on Tuesday and Thursday, so I hope to be updating my blog more often with some new creations!