Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 1, The rest of my projects.

First things first. I found this comfortable (but unfortunately stretchy) material at Walmart awhile back for $1/yd. I had intentions of pajama pants for Kaitlynn and this week I finally made it happen - she loves them, so I love them.

Number two project. This was done on Sunday morning. A dress! From a pattern! And it worked! Crazy, crazy I know... I hate patterns. But Christy had given me a few that she found awhile back and I finally got brave enough to try it ... ALONE. Scary - but it worked!

Not much to say here. A Coaster. A criss cross coaster at that. Google these little cuties and you'll see how easy they are. I plan on making a full set, but for fun I wanted to try just one with some scrap material I had in my hall closet. More on these later!!

Saving the best for last - The wine bag and set of coasters made for a pajama contest at the Mom's Night Out at my house on Saturday night. I have to be honest and say that I didn't really "make" the bag. I read the pattern, cut out the pieces, sewed the lining and attached the boa. Miss Billie did everything else - including the coasters!

Week 1 of National Sewing Month 2008 is completed. Goal - 2 projects. Completed - 7.


MissBillie said...

We Kick serious butt!!!