Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 3, Projects #1, 2 and 3.

I've been holding off on sharing this one and it's been killing me! This project was made for a dear friend of mine who I sew with every Tuesday morning. I had been thinking about what I should get/make her for her birthday (which was today, the 19th) and on Wednesday night it finally hit me! I remember her mentioning before that she liked my pin cushion (given to me by my other dear sewing friend, Christy). Currently she keeps her pins in the plastic container they came in. The pin cushion just didn't feel complete though, so I also created a sewing machine cover and a case for her scissors. I went out on Thursday morning with the intention of finding coordinating polka dots (her favorite) and ended up with something slightly polka dotty and a super duper awesome geometric print to go with it. Here is the finished project -

The sewing machine cover is trimmed with medium ric rac - my very first time working with that stuff, interesting experience to say the least!

Here's the pin cushion! I read all kinds of suggestions as to what it should be filled with - Dried coffee grounds, polyester fiber fill, hair (weird?)..... This one ended up with rice!

Here's the scissors case that I actually "invented" on my own last Saturday night. Now, I'm not sure whether or not I should be bragging about that, but since this picture doesn't really show of the mistakes, I'll take the credit for now!

And check this out - the case for the scissors and the sewing machine cover are (drum roll please!).......................reversible!!

Happy Birthday Billie Lynn!


MissBillie said...

I looooooove it!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Megan said...

that is really cute!