Monday, September 22, 2008

Week #4, Project 2

Nothing exciting to report around here. A few months ago I made some great hot pads for my sister out of dish towels. Problem was, she forgot to take them home from my house, and ME being ME, I started using them. She's came into town this morning and I had the urge to sew this evening, so I whipped her out a new set. Pathetically, I have so many dish towels on hand that she was able to rifle through my stash and find ones to match her dishes and kitchen perfectly. Here they are!!

On the side, my sister had a seam coming apart on her New York & Company top that she wore over here today. She was going to take it to a dry cleaner to have it fixed - until I volunteered to do it. I managed to find EXACT matching thread in my cabinet and I actually fixed it! Kinda proud of my little seam repair... Hey, after the tooth fairy pillow disaster, I'll take success wherever I can get it.


Megan said...

those are really cute, what is in the middle of them to protect from heat??
Oh BTW I was wondering if you have a pattern for the bags/reversable bags that you make? I have a friend who is pregnant and I would love to make her a diaper bag!
just shoot me an email if you get a chance! Thanks!